Bulk Specials: 2019

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We are now offering WHOLE, HALF, and1/4. Beef and Pork Packages!

Delivery is available for extra charge, minimum of $150.  
Farm pickup is an extra charge minimum of $75.
There is no extra charge for you to pick up at the processor.
The above delivery fee and farm pickup fee is for whole and half beef or pork packages.  If you have questions, let us know.

Beef Packages: Are available in Whole, Half, and 1/4.Info is listed below.

 The Information below is to assist you in choosing the best for your needs.
Questions are welcome, please email us.  If you are ready to order, email us for the order form/contract etc.
For Whole and Half Beef or Pork there is a contract/order form to fill out and send with your deposit. Email us for this info:
The Below Options are for pickup at the Processor.  If you need to pickup from farm there is an extra charge of $75.00.
1.  You will need plenty of large coolers or storage containers to haul your order home.  We do not provide these.
2. Please allow 45-55 days from the date we receive your deposit.  Sometimes it takes longer depending on the season for the processor.
3. So if you want a 1/2 and plan to spilt with another family, you must agree to get the same cuts on your customization.
4. Approximate freezer space you may need is 1.5 cubic feet of freezer per 30lbs of packaged meat
6. The weight you pay for is live weight, not packaged weight.  Packaged weight can vary greatly depending on what cuts you need, the weight of the animal, they way the animal is able to be cut etc.  There are many variables to consider and no 2 animals are the same.  Information you gather from Google etc has not been performed on our farm with our animals.

8.Whole Beef live weights avg 1000-1400lbs
Half Beef live weights avg 500-700lbs
Live weights are not packaged weights.
Option 1:
Whole Beef @ $2.35/lb (DOES NOT include processing), based on live weight.  Transport and handling fee $75.
Must be pre-ordered with deposit of $200.00.  Deposit is not refundable.

Option 2:
Half beef @ $2.55/lb (DOES NOT include processing), based on Live weight.  Must be pre-ordered with deposit of $200.00.  Deposit is not refundable. Transport and handling fee $75.
Option 3:
1/4 Beef @ $3.00/lb (DOES NOT include processing), based on Live Weight.  Must be pre-ordered with deposit of $200.  Deposit is not refundable. Transport and handling fee $75.
1/4 Beef is NOT customized.  Some of the cuts included are ground beef, cube steak, roasts(variety-chuck, sirloin tip, London, etc) and steaks (variety--sirloin, NY, Rib Eye and Filet Mignon)


Pork Packages ( whole, half, and 1/4)

Live Weights:
Whole Pig: 300-350lb
Half Pig: 150-175

If you need something larger or smaller, let us know before you place your order.

Option 1: Whole Pork $2.65/lb LIVE WEIGHT.  Transport and handling fee is $75.  Deposit is $200 and non-refundable.  Processing is NOT included.

Transport and handling fee is $75. 
Deposit is $200 and non-refundable.
Processing is NOT included.

Option 3:
1/4 Pork $3.20/lb Live weight. Transport and handling fee is $75.  Deposit is $200 and non-refundable.  Processing is NOT included. 1/4 Pork is NOT customized.  Cuts include bone-in chops, mild sausage, ham roast, and boston butts.

Prices subject to change without notice.  But will do our best to post asap, if they do.
Transport Fees:
Transport Fee to processors and long distance delivery. is minimum $75 and will be added to your order and is NOT optional.
We do our best to combine trip(s) and try to keep costs reasonable.  If we foresee that transport cost is more than $75, we will let you know before we go.  Thanks for understanding.
Supplies are limited.  For those interested in smaller quanity, please email us.

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