Farm Tours and Bio Security

We frequently have requests for farm tours.  Since we take BioSecurity seriously we will have the following options available for those that place orders:
1. we will meet you at the farm gate for you to pick up your order.
2. you can order items for one of our drop sites and get your order there.
3. we can meet you at another location with prior notice/plans.

You can drive past our farm and see some things from both sides of the road for a good mile.  

At Brick House Farms we raise heritage and production lines of chickens and turkeys, both of which could be affected by Avian Flu and other poultry diseases.  We also raise pigs which could be affected by various swine illnesses.  It would be tragic to lose so many good animals and a tragic loss to our livelihood.  

We, at Brick House Farms, appreciate your understanding of the current situations and we appreciate your patronage. Rest assured we are doing all we can to continue providing the best and most healthy farm fresh foods for our family and yours.
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